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Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing



This is the most confusing question among the new bloggers. Which is new in the blogging world, some of them are here because of his passion but the majority of people’s are here because they want to make money. Not money they want to make huge and handsome money.

And when they will discuss this with there blogger friends they guide them right as much as they but here two important terms are come in the game.



 Google Adsense And Affiliate Marketing 



Here is the war start which is best for money making purpose which will give good profit. Because at the end what we see to everyone and me too want the right platform where i can earn as per my hardwork and the time which i’ll spend on the platform to make some money.


Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing!!!!


This is the big war as you think but this is not a big issue. I’ll tell you what is the actual difference between the adsense and affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what is adsense and affiliate marketing click on the terms and check my article on both of them.


The actual difference in adsense and affiliate marketing is adsense is based on advertisements and affiliate marketing is based on marketing. Both are very different from each other.


If we talk about earning so in adsense earning is depends on how much people will see your blog and how many times  the adsense will serve the ads on your blog while the reader reads your blog.And most important how much time the user will click that ads which is placed by google on your blog.


On the other hand, if we talk about the affiliate marketing so it depends on your how much sales you give to the company. Because company will not give you money if people will see there product on your blog they will give you money if people will buy the products through your blog or where you promote the companies  product.


I know now everyone wants to talk about the numbers so i’ll also give you some ideas of earning between the adsense and affiliate marketing. So if we talk about the numbers there is a vast difference between the adsense and affiliate marketing. Because i already told you that adsense depends on how much people see the ads and click on ads. But In affiliate marketing  earning depends on how much sales you have.


So number wise, I’ll give you idea on my experience on google adsense if the ads will show 1000  time on your blog but no one will click on any one than there is a term called CPM ( Cost per thousand Impression). Adsense will pay you between $0.5 to $2 in United States. It is not same for every country it depends on country rate of every country is different. But if some one click on your ads, here i m talking about specific for blogging not for youtube. Because rates of adsense will different between youtube and blogging. So if some will click on your ads so you get between $1 to $1000 yes you can get this much of amount. This is not with the case of every one it depends on many factors country,keywords a lot things.


But if we talk about the affiliate marketing then there is fixed amount of commission is decided for you by the company. let’s suppose company says if you sell our 1 product then you get $10 if sell 10 product then you get $100.  So it is remain same every time there is no role of keywords or country or anything in this like adsense. There are lot of companies who says if you have good sales on our products then we can increase your commission.


This is the whole thing the actual difference between adsense and affiliate marketing.Hope you get your answer for which you are researching.



My Own Suggestion



I want to share some of my own thoughts that which is best for you and why you choose that. If want you then you can apply both. But if you want to apply only then which is best for you.




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Affiliate marketing



First we talk about the affiliate marketing why this is best for you. So if you have blog about products where you review products, share your thoughts which product you use which works good for you and which is not worked for you. I want to say if you talk more about the product then you should have to start  implementing affiliate marketing. Because adsense will not give you money as affiliate marketing give. Because people trust you that’s why they want to read you and if you suggest something they will definitely buy it.



Here you have targeted audience which is always here for product or products  review.So affiliate marketing will work for you very good.



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Google Adsense


If we talk about the adsense, it good for those people’s who have blog about the information or news niche in which you have nothing to sell you just share the information. And you have lot of visitors on our blog so in this is case adsense is good for you because you have good traffic. There is a rule in adsense most of people’s believe how much you can earn is depend on how much traffic you have. And this works also good for both the sites like products blog or information blog.


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