Blogging For Money | 5 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Blogging for money

You have your own blog, you have traffic but you not making any money what should you do.


Today I”ll share my own personal ways to make money online from blogging from where i make my money.


1. Google Adsense

Google adsense something that google provides which allow you to put ads on your site or blog. Peoples put these  ads on where ever they want, between the text, at sidebars every time you viewer will click on it you make money.


   Something more about Google Ads

They Ads which was provides by google on your blog is free of cost google will not charge anything for putting ads on your blog. And the amount of money you make on when someone will click on your ads. Depends on views everytime it is not a same amount sometimes is 0.10$  on 1 click and sometime $1000 on 1 click it depends form which region(country) people read your blog or click on your ads. For More Information about Google adsense Check out my this post also Click Here.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are where you promote any product or service and you get paid everyone when someone will buy true your referral.There are lot of Affiliate Programs out there who has affiliate program and free for Sign up such as Clickbank,Amazon, Share a Sale, Shopify and lot more. You can google it to know about more affiliate programs.





   Something more about affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best and very highly paid option for blogger to make money from blogging. It  is very simple to join any affiliate programs personally i use amazon from past 2 years. And i make approx 200k dollars in 2 years. Blogging for money  is good option. Click here to get detailed information about affiliate marketing.



3. Sell digital Products

Selling Digital Products is also a very good idea. You can sell e-books, courses about your topic.  You can sell these e-books on your blogs and courses as well. For selling you make a webinar and promote it people will watch it and if they can trust you or like your products  chances are they buy your product.  If you don’t have blog you sell e-books on amazon and course on udeamy.


  Something more about selling digital products

Selling a digital product is the best way to make blogging for money. People says you can sell your products free of cost but personally i don’t believe because you can make your product free of cost. But if you want good sales you have to promote it to the targeted audience that’s the only way to get a sale as you expect.

And the amount of money you can make you can’t even think. Let’s suppose you make e-book of $10 dollars and you spend $50 to promote the book and 5000 peoples saw your ads and 1% of people will buy your book. You make $500 on just investing $50.



4. Sell your own Ads Space

Selling your own ads space for another is actually a very beneficial idea to making money from your blog. Google Adsense  is a middle man brands come to the google and ask to advertise  there product and google charge the brand for advertisement and google put the ads to you site and pay for just 60% of actually amount they charge to the brands. You can directly contact to the brand or brand will contact you and you put there product or service ads on your site.And you can charge whatever you want depending on the reach of your blog.



5. Selling Physical Products

Selling a physical product is that what i personally do i have my own shopify store where i dropship the products. In case want to know more about dropshipping you can click here.You can sell physical products on your blog also but i personally recommend to do with both platform shopify and your blog. Advantage of shopify you don’t need to have your own inventory you dropship the products.

If you are planning to start shopify you can start  from now because there you can make your own store very easily  and designing of the store and also easily because there are lot of themes for making your store pretty. Normally if you directly go the the shopify website and make your store so you can make your store on 14 Days trial means you can run your store for 14 days after than you have to pay shopify for owning a store on shopify.

But you go through our link you get 2 months of free trail for shopify. So just start it and grab the best offer which i’ll give you personally for uronlineincomementor family.


Hope this thing will help you to grow your blogging income. Some of peoples will use all the 5 ways some use only affiliate marketing and google adsense. It depends on you what suits you and what you like to do.


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